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Nick Tate as Alan Carter Catherine Schell as Maya Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow Brian Johnson
Nick Tate
(Alan Carter)
Catherine Schell
Prentis Hancock
(Paul Morrow)
Brian Johnson
(Visual FX Designer)

Hailed as possibly the most popular and iconic spaceship ever to grace a TV screen, the SPACE: 1999 EAGLE TRANSPORTER is being officially recreated in a museum quality, STUDIO SCALE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION of strictly LIMITED WORLDWIDE REPLICA EDITIONS, together with the MARK IX HAWK.

SIGNATURE EDITIONS: We are delighted to announce the involvement and endorsement of our SPACE: 1999 MASTERPIECE COLLECTION in the form of hand-signed and numbered certification by original cast members NICK TATE, CATHERINE SCHELL, PRENTIS HANCOCK and Visual FX Designer BRIAN JOHNSON.

Based on the original 44-inch and 31-inch Studio Models featured in Gerry Anderson's legendary television show, and OFFICIALLY LICENCED by ITV, these LIMITED EDITION STUDIO SCALE replicas will recreate in exacting detail the breathtaking beauty and innovative, timeless designs of BRIAN JOHNSON’S iconic spaceships.


With strict and very LIMITED SIGNATURE EDITION sizes these unique MUSEUM QUALITY STUDIO REPLICAS are certain to sell out quickly.

Register your NO OBLIGATION interest in any of these STUDIO SCALE releases today and take advantage of these offers:

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