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BRIAN JOHNSON is an award winning special visual effects director having been involved with such classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and The Empire Strikes Back. His iconic work on SPACE: 1999 is celebrated around the world. We couldn’t be more proud and excited that he is designing the NEXT Eagle Transport to be issued as a VERY SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION 44-inch STUDIO SCALE REPLICA of ONLY 50 WORLDWIDE. 40 years have been worth the wait.

The year is 1978.

Pre-production has begun in earnest on Season Three of the hugely successful television show, SPACE: 1999.

Barry Morse and Prentis Hancock are reprising their roles as Victor Bergman and Paul Morrow. Gerry Anderson is resuming full producer responsibilities and Christopher Penfold is putting the finishing touches to the new season blockbuster opener 'War Cry of Ancross'.

In the model shop at Bray Studios, to feature in the opening story, Chief Visual FX Designer BRIAN JOHNSON is finalising the design and overseeing production of a NEW 44-inch Filming Miniature - the HEAVY WEAPONS COMBAT EAGLE.

THE BRIEF: Required to protect Moonbase Alpha from its most terrifying threat to date, and able to engage with the Ancross Warships, this NEW model is to be HEAVILY ARMED with specialised weaponry and COMBAT ENABLED. It should look 'aggressive' and 'war-like' with a distinctive new livery, yet be visually coherent and distinctly part of the established Eagle fleet...

The Year is 2017.

Chief Production Manager on SPACE: 1999, BRIAN JOHNSON, is designing the NEW HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE.

In the distinctive and iconic style of the classic television show, we are proud and delighted to bring to the collector an ALL NEW EAGLE TRANSPORTER designed by the creator of the ORIGINAL EAGLE TRANSPORTER – BRIAN JOHNSON.


As (would have been) featured in Season Three, the HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE is brought to the SPACE: 1999 MASTERPIECE COLLECTION as an ORIGINAL stunning 44-inch STUDIO SCALE REPLICA featuring:

  • Distinctive and Fully Detachable ARMOURED GUNNER POD
  • Fully working landing gear suspension
  • Hand-turned Aluminium Engine Bells, Beak Dishes and Attitude Thrusters
  • Authentic newly designed decals and livery
  • Brushed Aluminium display plaque featuring unique HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE Edition Number and INDIVIDUALLY HAND SIGNED by EAGLE DESIGNER BRIAN JOHNSON
  • Featuring huge 19inch x 45inch printed 'LAUNCH PLATFORM' display
  • Deluxe print of Brian's drawings and designs of the NEW EAGLE and HAND SIGNED – 50 ONLY WORLDWIDE

Release: TBC