Production Diary - Eagle 1

Reference and research is the key.

It was important before any construction of the tooling model began that we first pulled together as much existing visual reference as possible as well as assign a team of respected experts and model makers to the project. Being huge fans of Space: 1999, there was already nearly 40 years of personally accumulated reference and 'memorabilia' retained at our studio in London. Hundreds of detailed photographs of original models and props were sourced and kindly loaned from private collections and a remarkable amount of surviving reference material was discovered in the film archive facility of Canal UK at Pinewood Studios while we were researching a 'Carry On' project back in 2006.

Mike Reccia, publisher of Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeller and renowned 'Eagleologist', was invited to cast a critical eye over proceedings and to provide detailed comments and reviews as the build of the tooling model progresses.

It is well documented that during the filming of both seasons 1 and 2 of Space: 1999 it was an ongoing process of repairing, repainting and modifying the original Eagle miniatures. Due to models being built by different companies during production, variations occurred in detailing, decal design and paint finish, the result being no two Eagle Models were the same.

We decided very early on in the project that our STUDIO SCALE EAGLE 1 was to represent the original 'hero model' as seen in the early episodes of season 1.