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Special Edition Hawk - Prop replica collection


Exclusive worldwide edition of only 30

The original Studio model of the HAWK was designed and constructed for the show SPACE: 1999 by Master Model maker MARTIN BOWER.

The original brief was to design a space craft that was along the same design style as the Eagle Transporter. This was successfully achieved. The model delivered to the studios by Martin also featured a similar paint scheme to that of the original Transporter.

It was however decided later by the studio prior to filming that the paint scheme was "too similar" to that of the Eagle Transporter and the model was repainted by the studio in the orange livery that we are now familiar with.

MARTIN BOWER suggested the release of a VERY LIMITED number of the HAWK PROP REPLICA in the paint scheme as ORIGINALLY designed by him.

Each of these models is HAND PAINTED by MARTIN BOWER HIMSELF in the distinctive white style of the Eagle Transporter and of his ORIGINAL studio model as it was delivered to Pinewood Studios in 1975.

Martin has also HAND SIGN the underside of each model fully authenticating the piece.

This is an absolutely unique opportunity to own a HAWK PROP REPLICA hand finished by the original designer himself and will undoubtedly become a sought after collectors piece.

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